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Wincura is a project management consultancy offering information technology project management services and solutions to various businesses and industry sectors.

What we do

Wincura helps companies improve performance and competitiveness through effective and efficient project management of their business enabler information technology projects. For over a decade, Wincura has successfully been managing and delivering information technology projects and programs of varying scope, sizes and complexities for many clients including blue chip and global multinational companies. Wincura offers exceptional and unparalleled project management services and solutions that delivers benefits and capabilities that our clients can utilize to sustain, enhance, and deliver organisational goals.

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Director’s Statement

“To remain competitive, companies need to constantly adapt to changes within and outside of their environment. Companies use the delivery of combinations of tactical and strategic projects and programs to react and adapt to these changes. Speed and time to market is very important, as such, companies cannot afford to be left behind because of lagging or failing projects and programs. We at Wincura believe that the foundation for a successful project is set before the project even starts. Our team of experts can help analyse key project start-up areas, future challenges can then be predicted and avoided to enhance project success rate”

Managing Director, Wincura

Our Service Offerings

    Business Analysis

    To ensure IT projects and programs meet requirements and set objectives, a detailed business requirement and analysis is required. We also help organisations to streamline and fine tune their business processes in order for them to achieve better efficiencies. This sometimes involves us carrying out an analysis of skills, technologies and processes within operations to highlight areas that need improvement.

    View Business Analysis services we offer:
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Process Mapping & Modeling
    • Process Re-engineering

    Project & Program Management

    We are a team of highly experienced and qualified project and program managers experts with proven track records of successfully managing and delivering complex IT initiatives for businesses and organisations across various sectors and industries.

    View Project & Program Management services we offer:
    • Project/Program Initiation
    • Project/Program Planning
    • Project/Program Monitoring & Controlling
    • Project/Program Lifecycle Management
    • Project/Program Dependency Management
    • RFI & RFP - Vendor Selection
    • Change Management
    • Cost and Budget Management
    • Project/Program Assurance and Audit
    • Risks and Issues Management

    Project Recovery

    Superseded objectives, poor governance and team issues to mention a few are some of the reasons certain projects show indications of failing. Wincura is able to analyse every aspect of such projects to provide recommendations, guidance and steer for turning such projects around. In many of the cases where we have been brought in to analyse the root cause of such failing projects we have gone on to be assigned the task of turning such projects around and successfully done so on behalf of our clients.

    View Project Recovery services we offer:
    • Information Gathering
    • Root Cause Analysis Workshop Facilitation
    • Project Audit & Assurance
    • Leading Project Rescue Activities

    Strategic Staffing

    Finding the right project resource with the required skills for a specific project can sometimes be a challenge to businesses and organizations. As a consultancy, we understand this situations better than regular recruitment agencies and can deal with the issue much quicker and efficiently by finding the right skills within our firm or through our network of project management associates.

    View Strategic Staffing services we offer:
    • Project Skills Requirements Analysis
    • Resource Effort Estimation & Planning
    • Resource Selection and Staffing

Clients we have worked for


    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Projects

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the hosting of a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a central server. We have helped many of clients to implement this technology allowing them to save time and cost, improve update speeds and to provide an easy way to customize desktops for certain users or groups of users.

    Data Storage Projects

    Data storage is a vital part of many business operations. We at Wincura have led many data centric projects which includes data migration and data archiving for many organizations. During some of this data storage project we worked with vendors such as EMC, 3Par and NetApp to mention a few.

    Data Backup & Encryption Projects

    As data storage is critical to continued business operation, that data needs to be backed up in case of accidental data loss. Companies need to be able to recover from such data loss. We have worked with many clients to lead projects that implemented enterprise data backup and encryption solutions for them.

    Network Security Projects

    Working with our clients’ Information Security teams, we have managed projects that delivered network security for enterprise networks. Some of the technology involved in some of these projects include Checkpoint and IBM Intrusion Detection Systems.

    Networks - LAN, WAN & SDN WAN Projects

    On behalf of many of our clients we have successfully managed many Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) implementation or upgrade projects. Other projects we have managed in this space include the build DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) networks that allows our clients to reduce threats from the internet into networks when external access is required.

    Messaging and Collaboration Projects

    Microsoft Exchange is one the most popular e-mail-based collaborative infrastructure for businesses. We have successfully led and managed many projects that deployed this infrastructure for our clients. On some projects, we led the migration or integration of messaging services post mergers and acquisitions.

    Data Centre Projects

    A lot of the projects we have worked on for clients have been situated in large datacentres and Co-Lo. We have gone on to lead projects that designed and built data centres including mobile data centres. Some other projects we managed in this space includes datacentre migration, consolidation and decommissioning.

    Access Management Projects

    We have led project that consolidated active directory post mergers and acquisitions.We have also worked on identity management projects that provided our clients with the ability to manage user log on credentials and privileges within or across multiple systems and also increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

    Middleware Integration Projects

    As businesses evolve, various applications they use for their business operations will have been acquired or built over time. As a result, their business operation now relies on disparate legacy and new applications. We at Wincura have led many middleware integration projects that deployed solutions for the sharing of processes and data between disparate enterprise applications.

    Multi Factor Authentication

    We have successfully managed many MFA projects on behalf of banks and professional services firms. Most of the MFA project we have worked on are driven by security standards regulations. The goal of MFA is to provide a layered defence and make it more difficult for an unauthorized individual to access for instance a DMZ network, computing device or database.

    Software Development Projects

    We have managed many software development projects for institutions such as banks. At Wincura we are quite experienced in the use of software development methodologies such as Agile to greatly reduce both development costs and time to market.

    Data Analytics Platforms Projects

    Wincura has successfully managed projects and programs on behalf of professional services firms to deploy big data processing platform that process can rapidly process terabytes and petabytes of data for analysis. Some of the technologies we have worked on includes Hardoop stack, SAP Hana and IBM Blu DB2.

    eDiscovery Platforms Build Projects

    Electronic stored information (ESI) in litigations and disputes are very often reviewed for privilege and relevance before being turned over to opposing counsels. Wincura has managed the implementation of many large scale ediscovery platforms used for processing large scale ESI for professional services firms. eDiscovery platforms delivered include Relativity, Nuix and Ipro ecapture.

    Financial Trading Platforms Build Projects

    We have the experience of managing application platform projects for one of our financial clients. We recently successfully implemented Sophis, a mid-office solution that allowed our client to calculate P&L in near real-time, gain a much more up-to-date view of how market indicators affect their hedge positions and risk exposure, ensuring faster and more accurate decision-making.

    Energy Trading Platforms Build Projects

    Wincura has the experience of delivering IT projects and programs on behalf of key energy traders. A recent IT program that Wincura was involved with was for an energy trading giant to manage the implemention of Endur Openlink, a front to back office Commodities Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution across many of it’s offices in Europe.

    Cloud Migration Projects

    At Wincura, we have the experience and know-how of cloud technologies, we have managed and delivered cloud integration projects for many of our clients, empowering them to easily expand, contrast or release computing resources on demand providing performance improvements, speed to market, savings on IT capital and operating expenditure.

    “Our working environment is extremely fast paced and dynamic. We needed a trusted partner that understood this aspect about our business, and to manage a project that will upgrade infrastructure platforms for some of our critical business applications. Wincura led this project from start to finish for us, they remained focussed despite the pressures, challenges and criticality of the project to successfully deliver a project so important to our business operations”

    CTO, Commodities Trading

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