Our team of Mechanical engineers and designers leverage their “out of the box” creativity to develop and implement cost effective, intuitive, robust solutions for mechanical challenges. From calculating the pressure drop for a pneumatic convey system, to analyzing the stress in an evaporator vapor duct, we have the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to fill your mechanical needs, large or small.

Whether your project involves a failure analysis of a mechanical component, or new component design, engineering a new dust collection system or resolving problems in an existing one, evaluating the stresses in an existing steam line or designing a new one for long term, trouble free lifecycle, we offer these and more services to solve your challenges.

  • HVAC

    We install and maintain:
    - Air Conditioning Systems
    - VRV Systems
    - Cooling Towers
    - Chillers
    - Dust Extraction Systems
    - Refrigeration Systems
    - Fire Protection Systems

  • Heating Systems

    We install and maintain:
    - Radiant Heating Systems
    - Heat Exchangers
    - Radiator & Trench Heating Systems
    - Flow & Return Heating Pipework

  • Plumbing and Water Systems

    We install and maintain:
    - Process Pipework
    - Storage Tanks Installation
    - Water Pumps
    - Plant Installation
    - Water Treatment

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